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Often you don’t realize how much you move and use your arms until you sustain an injury and shoulder pain prevents you from many of your normal day to day activities. At Key Chiropractic in Port St. Lucie, Florida, Dr. Jared Key offers effective treatment to help your body heal while also providing relief for shoulder pain.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

When should you contact Dr. Key at Key Chiropractic about shoulder pain?

If you experience shoulder pain, you should seek treatment, especially if the pain prevents engaging in your normal activities. As with most injuries and conditions, the sooner you start treatment, the sooner you start to feel better. Early treatment also can prevent your injury or condition from getting worse. Dr. Key also is dedicated to identifying and resolving the true root cause of your pain so that you are stronger and more resistant to injury in the future. This, rather than just addressing your current pain, which may lead to recurring and increasingly serious injuries. Some of the symptoms indicating urgent care is needed include:

  • Reduced mobility – you can’t raise your arm or carry anything
  • Deformity – you notice any obvious changes in the shape of your shoulder
  • Pain while at rest – your shoulder hurts while you are resting or at night while you sleep
  • Numbness – you experience tingling sensations or numbness in your arms
  • Long-lasting – your pain does not subside after a couple of days of rest

How does Dr. Key treat shoulder pain?

Dr. Key’s first objective when any patient comes to him with shoulder pain is to identify the root cause of the discomfort. He performs a thorough diagnostic exam which includes digital structural radiographs, comprehensive 3D structural analysis, digital photographic structural evaluation, and orthopedic and neurological testing. Once your diagnosis is complete, Dr. Key develops a customized treatment plan to restore the structural integrity of your spine and shoulders while also providing treatments for reducing inflammation, swelling, and pain. Treatment may include structural chiropractic adjustments, massage, ice, immobilization, and gentle exercises and stretches.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain may be caused by a variety of injuries and conditions. The shoulder is a very active joint and therefore susceptible to wear and tear, as well as injury. In addition to conditions like tendonitis, dislocation, instability in the joint, and strains, the shoulders often manifest radiant pain from issues in the neck and back. This is why it is so important to accurately diagnose the condition causing the pain before starting treatment. If the underlying condition is not addressed, the pain will return, causing frustration as well as discomfort.